FIRST, Pace, 1,800

1. Life Statuesque, J Bartlett

2. Youcancallmesam, W. Brown

3. R Es Scott, S. Mahar

4. Pembroke Grampybub, H. Campbell

5. Bunnys No Angel, R. Lanpher III

6. Doctor Cashin, M. Downey

SECOND, Pace, 1,600

1. Grandpa’s Choice, J. Mosher

2. Action Raider, H. Campbell

3. R-Dragonheart, C. MacKenzie

4. Kentucky Turbo, S. Gray

5. Finally Laughing, G. Bowden

6. R Little Peter, W. Brown

7. Newport, J. Bartlett

8. Symbolic Gesture, S. Mahar

THIRD, Pace, 1,600

1. Winning Heart, B. Thayer

2. Wynfielf Chad, J. Bartlett

3. Chillin’ Trouble, H. Campbell

4. Jigtime Silencer, S. Mahar

5. Mattlanta Brave, S. Gray

6. Be Firm With Lisa, W. Brown

7. Broadmoor, G. Bowden

8. Big V, R. Lanpher III

FOURTH, Pace, 1,800

1. Ed Edd And Eddy, H. Campbell

2. Magic Boy, M. Downey

3. Jamboree Hanover, J. Bartlett

4. Impish Art, J. Mosher

5. Grapes, S. Gray

6. Lotta Speed, S. Mahar

7. Delightful Devil, M. Cushing

8. Washingson, G. Bowden

FIFTH, Pace, 1,600

1. Yesyouwill, W. Brown

2. Tracys Lil Darlin, J. Mosher

3. K Bec Pride, J. Bartlett

4. Tie Brin, H. Campbell

5. Kc Stormy Girl, S. Gray

6. It’s Nukie Time, R. Lanpher III

7. Miss Maya, S. Mahar

8. Spudland Sherise, G. Bowden

SIXTH, Pace, 1,600

1. G M Viking Doll, G. Bowden

2. Island Xceptional, D. Dickison

3. Promises Promises, H. Campbell

4. Magic Kat, C. Carter

5. Poocham Magee, C. MacKenzie

6. Parallax, J. Bartlett

7. Cam’s Midnite Star, S. Mahar

SEVENTH, Pace, 2,000

1. Franco Croupier N, J. Mosher

2. Dealin Straight, G. Bowden

3. Knight Stalker N, M. Downey

4. Gizcando, H. Campbell

5. Travelling Whitby, R. Lanpher III

6. Baby Of Blue Moon, S. Mahar

7. Daylon Fantasy, B. Thayer

8. Benedict Hanover, J. Bartlett

EIGHTH, Pace, 2,000

1. High Caliber, H. Campbell

2. Fairytale Princess, R. Cloutier Jr.

3. Legendary One, J. Bartlett

4. Claude Seelster, G. Bowden

5. Lady Of The Dragon, B. Thayer

6. El Cabayo, M. Downey

7. Arizona Magic, S. Gray

NINTH, Pace, 1,600

1. Obie Viking, G. Bowden

2. Village Surfer, J. Bartlett

3. Bruizers Lil Star, D. Dickison

4. Prince Of Hope, H. Campbell

5. Magnum Pei, S. Mahar

6. Teflon Tim, G. Hall

7. Stow N Go, W. Brown

8. Black Tie Only, R. Cloutier Jr.

TENTH, Pace, 2,500

1. Birdton Ernie, D. Dickison

2. Woodmere Quikroute, W. Brown

3. Sammy’s Big Guy, B. Thayer

4. Mister Gender, J. Bartlett

5. Tangys Pocket, G. Bowden

6. Ok Blue Jeans N, C. MacKenzie

7. Artofthemillenium, S. Gray

8. Race Me Whinny, S. mahar

ELEVEN, Pace, 1,800

1. Allraes Valentine, J. Bartlett

2. Patrician, G. Bowden

3. Bando Maurice, S. Gray

4. Cams Man Nz, M. Downey

5. Papa O, H. Campbell

6. Lively Character, R. Estes

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