NORWAY – Voters quickly dispatched a three-article special town meeting warrant Thursday night, approving funds for the library and new police vehicles with little discussion.

About two dozen people, including newly elected Selectmen Bruce Cook and Irene Millett, attended during the selectmen’s regularly scheduled session at town hall.

Voters approved spending up to $25,000 to pay for the first of three annual payments on two police patrol cars. The money will come from the $27,000 that Falmouth reimbursed Norway for a police officer who was trained at Norway’s expense but later left to take a job in Falmouth.

Acting on a recommendation from Selectman Les Flanders, the board recommended and voters approved through an amendment to the main motion, that the unused money be returned to the town’s surplus fund.

Voters also OK’d $12,000 to pay for an overrun in the health insurance account caused by a shift in the library employee staff, many of whom have selected this year to buy into the town-offered health insurance program. The money will come from the surplus account.

Voters approved taking $2,000 from the surplus account to pay for unanticipated legal fees, $1,500 for an unexpected increase in electricity and street light charges, and $20,000 for the Highway Department to do repairs caused by the spring flood.

Town Manager David Holt said Federal Emergency Management Agency representatives are due in town next week, and he expects to have a better idea at that time what money the town will receive for storm-related reimbursement.