District: Lewiston

Legislative service: Fourth term

Appropriations chairwoman; Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry

Bill record: 20 bills, five signed, two carried over, 13 dead

Voting record

Budget: For

Tax reform: For

Washington County slots and track: Against

Stiffer seat belt law: For

Increase term limits from 4 two-year terms to 6: For

Pass a budget by a two-thirds vote with no new taxes and a controversial school district consolidation plan: People said it couldn’t be done. But it passed.

Peggy Rotundo, chairwoman of the Appropriations Committee, said she was very proud of the bipartisan effort that produced this year’s $6.3 billion budget, “in a year people told us that never could have happened.”

The budget, which represented a small – 3.7 percent – increase over the previous biennium, showed a frugal and conservative approach to spending, Rotundo said.

The budget represented cuts in funding for education and mental health programs, and found funding for higher education.

The committee also put together a bonds package.

Rotundo also served on a subcommittee for the school district consolidation plan, balancing the interests of many different groups.

When not in the Appropriations Committee, Rotundo submitted 20 bills, most on behalf of constituents or in the interests of the Lewiston City Council for property tax re-evaluation. “I really feel that’s my role as a legislator,” Rotundo said.