Supports tight border and coastline security, and stringent enforcement of visa regulations. Is against any form of amnesty or welfare for undocumented aliens, or “birthright citizenship.” Would support immigration reform to enact strict, equal rules and waiting periods.


Supports complete withdrawal from Iraq; believes in a non-aggressive foreign policy, which detangles the United States from the business of other countries. “America must end its military occupations overseas,” he has said.


Favors the repeal of subsidies/polices to control the price of fossil fuels, and creation of incentives for alternative energies. Wants a free-market approach to energy, instead of government support or direction. Has supported legislation for wind, fuel cell and solar energy tax credits.

Health care:

Supports market-based reforms, including individual medical tax deductions, and elimination of regulations that make providing insurance unaffordable for small business. Wants to shrink government involvement in health care, and enhance private decision-making.


Says Americans are underemployed, and government statistics mar the real truth about the economy. Supports wholesale tax and spending cuts; elimination of the income tax and shrink the influence of the Federal Reserve.

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