“Child X,” written by Lee Weatherly is a great book! It’s about this girl named Juliet, Jules for short. She is about thirteen and her best friend is Marty. Everything is going great for Jules at school, she even tried out for a play called “Northern Lights” and she wants to surprise her dad if she gets a role in the play. At home however, it’s a different story. Juliet’s parents, Ben and Holly are constantly fighting. Juliet tries to ignore, the constant bickering that is until one day when she arrives home from school her father is gone!

Days go by and still no sign of Ben. His stuff is all out of the house, and there was a strange message on the answering machine so Juliet suspects that Holly is having an, affair. Time goes by and Juliet grows inpatient of waiting so she decides to snoop around in her mom’s room. The only suspicious thing in Holly’s room was a newspaper with a section cut out of it. Juliet finds another copy of the paper and the article she finds, changes her life forever. Ben isn’t her real dad! The even worst part of it all is that Ben is so mad that Holly never told him about this that he is demanding to get paid back for all the money he has spent on Juliet! Photographers and reporters suddenly start stocking Juliet everywhere she goes. Then, on top of all this commotion, she find out her real father is her uncle!

The articles in the paper call Juliet “Child X” to try to spare her identity,but it doesn’t really work. The press is ruining her life. Yeah, Ben isn’t Juliet’s real father, but he still raised her all these years and loved her! Does Ben drop the charges? Does he go through with it and if so who will win? All these questions will be revealed if you read the book!

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