I have been on many exciting and exhilarating trips in my lifetime with my family. I feel that many kids should get the privilege of going to foreign countries or states to increase their knowledge of geography. I am very glad to have gone on these excursions to many places I didn’t know much about. I am going to describe the trips I have been on to you so you can get a better sense of what these places are about.

France: I just can remember the wonderful city of Paris and going to the Eiffel Tower and the Arc of Triumph. This was probably my favorite trip so far in my lifetime. I can always think of the sweet taste of the buttery croissants and the light mist in the air every day as I woke up to the bright shining lights of a wonderful place. I was scared on top of the Eiffel Tower and somewhat frightened when I went to the Arc of Triumph. The Louvre amazed me the most though. I could remember the wonderful paintings I saw and the masterful artwork of many people over the centuries.

Caribbean: I have been to two Caribbean archipelagos: The U.S. Virgin Islands and the Bahamas. They were wonderfully warm and the water was completely clear. In the Bahamas, we went to Paradise Island where a water park was waiting near the shore. My favorite water slide there was probably the Leap of Faith. It seemed to just glare down on you and it was a monster drop through a tube in a shark pool and into another pool. The slide was exhilarating. In the Virgin Islands we we’re greeted by great sandy beaches and amazing snorkeling among the coral reefs. I saw squids, sea turtles and a stingray.

New York: This was one of the biggest real world trips for me. Seeing all the people crammed into one town was just… breath taking. Seeing the people gather for the Thanksgiving Macy’s Day Parade and the amazing actors on Broadway. This experience just showed me how many other people there are in the world other than the state of Maine. My parents made sure I was very aware of pickpockets or other bad people with negative motives in this city. It was a very crazy place and somehow very fun. You didn’t even have to take a car or taxi to get anywhere!

I hope other kids of my age will be able to experience trips like these and learn other facts about geography that they didn’t know about before.

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