On Wednesday, March 4, all seventh and eighth grade students at Tripp Middle School were all ready for a day of M.E.A.’s (Maine Educational Assessments.) The students at Tripp were going to have a mixed up day; each team had numerous teachers flipping pancakes for the seventh and eighth graders on the three teams. The teachers were flipping pancakes for everyone to have like a kick off to M.E.A.’s, to get students into the habit of eating breakfast before coming to school and get their brains working before having the M.E.A.’s.

We had the M.E.A.’s on March 4, 10, 11 and the eighth graders had more M.E.A.’s on the 12, but seventh did not. On March 16, they had a make-up day where students who weren’t at school on an M.E.A. day could do the sections they missed.

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