Everyone has their own opinion about the food in the cafeteria. A lot of people make judgments without even trying the school lunch. Brooke and I went to the head lunch lady, Lisa Keen, and we asked her a few questions about the school lunch.

Say you were trying to live a healthier lifestyle, what would be some healthy choices you could make from the selection? Ms. Keen said that there are carrot sticks, cucumber wedges, trail mix, fresh fruit, salads, Italians, BLT’s, pasta salad, and hot veggies offered everyday. What would you recommend for children to try from the menu? Ms. Keen said that any of the healthy choices are always good. We were wondering what the average teenager chooses from the selection, and Ms. Keen answered, “At the end of the day, pizza, chicken burgers, and chicken nuggets never get thrown away, that’s the first thing to go.” We also asked her, if she could change how many people grabbed and ate the healthier choices on the lunch menu, would she? Ms. Keen answered of course, I mean seriously, no one wants to see the U.S. obese.”

Before we left, Ms. Keen said a very important thing that we thought we would share with you. She said, “We offer healthy food, and it’s up to the children to make the choices. Yes, we do sell pizza and French fries everyday, but it’s up to the kids to make the healthy choices.”

If you were to compare a fast food restaurant, like Burger King, and the Tripp Middle School lunches, Tripp’s food is a lot healthier for you. Ms. Keen has showed us that there are some really appetizing healthy food choices that you can try. So, before you go telling your parents to go buy you a lunch for tomorrow, think about buying the school lunch; it’s really not as bad as it sounds! Now that you’ve read this, don’t go making judgments about the school’s lunches, unless you’ve tried everything the cooks have to offer. Go make a difference in your life, eat healthy, and don’t starve yourself!

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