People are always wondering how we put together the school yearbook. Some think it’s done on the computer. Others may think that we send it to a company with all the pictures and they put it together for us. If only it was that easy. The truth is that it is actually done by hand. The yearbook staff stays after school a few times a week to put the book together. You’re probably sitting there saying, “Boring,” but it’s really not that boring. It’s fun.

There is lots of work to be done so we always have to be on task. When putting together a page, the yearbook staff has to plan it before gluing or cutting. We pick the pictures we together gluing b like most, or if someone said that they would love to be on a certain page, then we could probably arrange that. When we arrange the pictures on the sheet of grid paper, we try to use as many pictures as possible. The more, the merrier. We can’t forget to check to see if that person’s pictures is on one of the other pages.

Cutting the pictures is more difficult. When it’s done, we have to make sure that it’s not crooked, too small, or too big. If the picture is cut wrong and too close, then we can’t use it. Everyone makes mistakes but we learn from them somehow.

Gluing isn’t that bad, but it can be hard if you’re not paying attention. Every picture has to be even. Some even have to be the same height. While gluing, make sure that the pictures are in the right spots and are not crooked. When the page has all the pictures glued on, we put a heavy book over it so that the pictures don’t curl up or so it’s more difficult for the pictures to come off while the page is being handled.

The last part is the writing. Having to do the names is very difficult. Everything has to be precise. Every little comma, period, and capital letter has to be there. There has to be correct spelling and if anything gets messed up, then you have to take it off and do it all over again. The writing isn’t a part where you can just leave it and say, “Oh, it’ll be fine. Don’t worry about it.” It is very important. Just think! What if your name was in the yearbook and it was spelled wrong? You wouldn’t appreciate that much, would you?

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