DEAR SUN SPOTS: I have recently closed my small business, a day spa. Whom can I contact to liquidate the remaining equipment and stock? — Kathy, [email protected]

ANSWER: Sun Spots knows of one: Matt LaJoy, Everything Warehouse, 12 Westminster St., Lewiston, 782-6300, 632-5302.

If there are others, please let Sun Spots know.

A profitable way to liquidate your stock would probably be to sell items individually to other spas. You could try eBay or advertising in publications that cater to the trade.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: There was an article in the paper on Sunday, May 12, about people using metal detectors to find treasure.

My father’s Livermore Falls High School ring was found in 1986 or 1987 at Briten Pond. The ring had the letters AVJ inside of it.

Would you have an address or phone number where I might be able to contact any of these people? Thank you for your help. — C.W., Jay

ANSWER: Sun Spots read your letter several times trying to figure out why you’d need metal detectors if your father’s ring was found. She finally decided you meant to write “lost” not found and figures you want someone to search for that ring. (If she’s wrong, please write again and straighten her out.)

It seems highly unlikely that it could be found after all these years. If it’s still there, it would be buried under decades of detritus. But Sun Spots is hardly an expert on metal detectors. Perhaps it is possible.

The story you referred to was called “Buried pleasure” and featured treasure hunters using metal detectors, including three very near you in Livermore Falls: Gary Baril and Donna and Joe Arsenault. Sun Spots did not find the Arsenaults in the phone book, but there is a Gary Baril at 897-3897.

Perhaps the Arsenaults, or someone who knows them, will see your letter and contact the column.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: My boyfriend Greg loves country and western music, so I have two questions from him:

Are Clint Black and Lisa Hartman still married? Where do they live? Does he still perform?

The sweethearts of the 1980s rodeo were sisters Jill and Kristine Oliver. Wasn’t one married to Vince Gill at one time? 

Thank you very much. — Donna, Rumford Legion

ANSWER: Sun Spots must point out that technically you asked more than two questions (you did limit them to two topics). Fortunately, she has no limit on the number of questions — within reason.

As for Clint and Lisa, according to Wikipedia, they were married on Oct. 20, 1991, and have one daughter, Lily Pearl Black, born in 2001.

Wikipedia says Clint is still recording digitally, although his last album was in 2005. (Many artists now put their music directly online for download by consumers rather than signing with a record label. Some say they make much more money that way.)

Clint has also been on TV. On July 24, he was surprised by “History Detectives” on PBS. In the episode, the show pays a visit to his Nashville residence to uncover the story behind an artifact given to him by his wife decades ago.

According to a post about the “History Detectives” episode, they live in Nashville, but Sun Spots is not positive. At one time they lived in Los Angeles. Or they may have multiple homes.

As for the sisters, Wikipedia says their names are Janis (not Jill) and Kristine. You are correct about the marriage to Vince Gill. He was only 19 when he met the sisters in 1977, marrying Janis in 1980. They divorced in 1997.

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