High Honors are awarded to students receiving 93 or above in all full-credit academic subjects.

Grade 12: Zoya Bishop, Benjamin Butterfield, Alice Cockerham, Kiley Holt, Ashley LaGross, Alana Mahar, Katherine Renshaw and Summer Ross.

Grade 11: Jacob Butterfield, Mila Long-Frost, Baylie McLaughlin, Ethan Powell and Jedidiah Zelie.

Grade 10: Benjamin DeBiase, Michael Hooper, Troy Hupper, Joshua Ireland, Clara Logan, Patrick Storer and Camryn Wahl.

Grade 9: Jaiden Bachelder, Isabella Cain, William DeFroscia, Kaydence Dunn, Emily O’Neil, Wyatt Sieminski, Caleb Thibodeau and Cameron Walters.

Honors are awarded to students receiving 85 or above in all full-credit academic subjects:

Grade 12: Maya Caron, Samuel DeFroscia, Jack Deming, Hailey Fenwick, Isaiah Finn, Rylee Handrahan, Silas Hayden, David Kid IV, Taylor Lane, Jonathan Maidman, Ethan Ross, Serena Sitz, Dylan Starbird, Jocelyn Stevens, Dillan Wells and Nathan White.

Grade 11: Evan Allen, Zoe Daggett, Shyan Frye, Jonathan Jordan, Jackson Masterson, Allison Pinkham, Yvonne Provencher, Celeste Reid, Alexis Robbins, Hailey Jo Walker and Guinevere Webster.

Grade 10: Aliya Boyce, Kasy Brault, Meika Caron, Brian Dustin, Bradley Frost, Kalee Hill, Kaylee Knight, Austin Marden, Hannah Maynard, Matthew Mitchell, Trenton Reed, Brecken Sargent, Dalton Thurlow and Hunter Warren.

Grade 9: Haley Bate, June Clark, Zekariah Coolong, Hunter Durland, Cayden Hinkley, Emily Kidd, Adam Luce, Emily Marden, Trevor Phelps and Kyle Presby.

Honorable Mention is awarded to students receiving 85 or above in four academic subjects, and 74 or above in all other subjects

Grade 12: Alex Andrews, Hunter Bate, Joanie Mitchell and Carrie-Ann Morgan.

Grade 11: Ashley Beliveau, Kaleb Clark, India Coolong, Destiny Crandall, Isaac Emery, Evan Reed, Isabel Roderick, Chandler Rollins and Hope Silver.

Grade 10: Clifford Cavanaugh, Ethan Cockerham, Bridget Gusler, Casidy Ann Lakin, Katie McGarvey, Madison Phelps, Kenyon Pillsbury, Valentina Rowe, Declan Stanley, Liberty Taylor and Cade Tooker.

Grade 9: Ian Allen, Nathaniel Clement, Kolby Dexter, Alex Hemingway, Martin Kelley, Nicholas Lobdell, Lora Meldrum, Dana Paradis, Jaelyn Robison and Melisa Thomas.

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