With summer upon us, bicyclists are now here, there and everywhere on our roads. Cycling is a fun activity, one with healthy benefits; at the same time, it can be dangerous as they compete for space with motor vehicle drivers. With that in mind, we offer a few reminders for motorists for the cycling season.

In all states, cyclists are deemed by law to be drivers of vehicles and are entitled to the same rights on the road as motorists. Expect cyclists on the road. Watch for cyclists on the road. Treat them as you would any slow-moving vehicle.

Patience, especially on the road, is a virtue, and can save lives. Wait until it is safe to pass a bicycle and refraining from tailgating. Give cyclists the right of way when the situation calls for it. And allow extra time for cyclists to go through intersections.

Do not pass a cyclist until you can see that you can safely do so. You should allow ample space between your vehicle and the bicycle and make sure you do not place the cyclist in danger. If you pass too closely the drag from your car can pull a cyclist off course and cause the rider to swerve out of control.

Recognizing road hazards that may be dangerous for cyclists and giving cyclists the necessary space to deal with them. In conditions where there is not enough room for a cyclist to ride to the right, they are allowed to ride closer to the lane of traffic, and sometimes even in the lane of traffic. Never engage in conduct that harasses or endangers a cyclist. Above all: Be tolerant. Be understanding. Be careful.

Watch out for cyclists when you are turning right or left. Cyclists who are crossing straight through the same intersection in the opposite direction may be going faster than you realize. It is particularly dangerous on a descending slope, when cyclists pick up more speed.

Bicycles, and the people who drive them, come in all shapes and sizes. When backing out of your driveway always look to see if someone is riding in your path.

After parallel parking, make sure the coast is clear for opening the car door to exit. Make sure there are no cyclists riding alongside your car or fast approaching.

Do not to honk unnecessarily at cyclists. If the need does arise to honk your horn to alert a cyclist that you are about pass, do so at a respectable distance. If you are too close, the noise itself can cause a cyclist to lose his or her bearings and create a hazardous situation for both you and the cyclist.

In summing up, while cyclists may frustrate drivers at times, they have a rightful spot on the road. Do not resent cyclists, and do not place them in unnecessary danger by acting recklessly.

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