Many wonder why President Trump received so many millions more votes on his reelection bid than he did the first time. For me, it’s simple: promises made, promises kept.

Because he was a political outsider, he had the unique ability to separate himself from the “swamp,” and tell the blunt truth, and he delivered. Many disliked his style, but it was the results that were so impressive.

My favorite was one of his first. Build the pipeline and make us energy independent. Done. It also created thousands of jobs. The Biden administration promise is cancel the pipeline, get rid of fracking and become an energy importer again.

Another kept promise: build the wall and take back control of the border. Done. The Biden promise: amnesty, offer free health care to all illegals, no deportations, bring back the Obama catch and release programs. And so the caravans return.

Other kept promises include tax cuts for all, opposing communist China, raising wages, ending foreign wars, rebuilding the military, defending the Bill of Rights and the “right to life,” eliminating NAFTA and bringing jobs back to the USA, and nominating judges who support the Constitution. There are many other promises made and kept.

I hope that the new Biden administration’s promise of healing the nation is kept, but if supporting the impeachment of a president who is no longer in office is any indication, I doubt there will be much healing. God bless America and our new president.

George Mathews, Auburn

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