We are Inevitable

By Gayle Forman

In We are Inevitable, you meet a family grieving the loss of Sandy when he gives in to his addictions. Left behind are his parents and younger brother, Aaron. After spending all their money trying to help him get clean, they are now left coping with his death.

This is Aaron’s story about how he puts off college to help his Dad run their family owned bookstore just to find out his Dad is still accumulating major debt. Aaron then goes behind his Dad’s back to sell the store (which his Dad signed over to him) so they can move somewhere warmer and start a new life.

His plans are disrupted when people from the town start to help fix up the bookstore and make it more appealing to customers. Some even invest their own money without realizing that Aaron has already made a deal to sell to the local property mogul. Before Aaron comes clean with them, everyone is completely invested in reviving the bookstore.

This book has a lot of interesting characters and it shows how different people can be, yet still come together to fulfill one specific purpose. We watch Aaron deal (or not deal) with his grief after losing his brother and having his mom move away. Not quite your happy ending but I think you will be pleasantly surprised!


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