FARMINGTON — Franklin County paid out $20,000 to former County Clerk Julie Magoon as part of a settlement agreement she and commissioners entered into on Feb. 15.

County Treasurer Pam Prodan was in the process of giving her report when she told commissioners she had to do two payroll warrants because of the payout to Magoon for $20,000. The revelation was made within the first 10 minutes of the meeting.

It is unclear if that was the full amount of the settlement because the parties involved, including the three commissioners and Magoon, agreed to keep the particulars of the agreement confidential. Neither party has disclosed why there was a settlement.

Magoon entered into a general release and settlement agreement for $1 with commissioners Terry Brann of Wilton, Clyde Barker of Strong and Lance Harvell of Farmington.

Magoon took an indefinite leave of absence May 28, 2021, and later that year the commission appointed Vickie Braley as interim clerk.

As part of the settlement agreement, Magoon, who served the county for more than 20 years, had to voluntarily resign and waive any and all claims to reemployment in any capacity in Franklin County government.

Commissioners are moving forward with advertising for a salaried position of county administrator, replacing the county clerk position. They gave no reason Tuesday for the change but did discuss job descriptions with Tiffany Baker, county human resource specialist and administrative assistant.

Counties around the state have either clerks, administrators or managers to oversee the daily county government operations.

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