I was born and raised in Lewiston. After living elsewhere for over a decade, I came home.

A few months later, Peggy Rotundo asked if I would volunteer for her campaign to represent Lewiston in the State Senate. I asked, “What if it’s a partisan nightmare at the State House?”

She looked me in the eye, told me she has a spine of steel and that she can — and will — work with anyone. I was in.They don’t call Peggy Rotundo the Velvet Hammer for nothing. While Peggy is unfailingly compassionate and caring, I’ve never known anyone who has fought so hard for Lewiston and Lewiston people.

Peggy is a smart legislator who works across the aisle. She is calm under pressure and solves problems.

I’ve never been more proud to support a candidate than I am to support Peggy Rotundo. I hope Lewiston voters join me.

Cara Courchesne, Lewiston

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