Bettyann Sheats and Eric Brakey both spent four years in the Maine Legislature.

Sheats enjoys solving problems with practical solutions to conflicting needs. We expect this because of her engineering background, small business ownership, and community volunteering.

She’s served in the military, raised a family in Maine, goes door-to-door to ask for our vote.

Brakey presents an image (strong leader who knows the truth). Telling us about family generations in Maine, he implies he was born and invested years here, yet was sent here 10 years ago by the Ron Paul campaign.

He’s for term limits but has “re-elect” on his signs. His adult experience other than politics is college and brief acting jobs.

Their goals if elected? Sheats is specific: community meetings, service to constituents, carefully evaluated legislation. Brakey says he’s the one to give us freedom and larger paychecks.

I’m voting for Bettyann Sheats.

Alice Haines, Auburn

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