We need to look closely at the Central Maine Power corridor project.

We need to use our own resources. Water power has been the reason we’ve had all the mills and other industries that fueled our growth. The dams have been on our rivers for generations, and the environment has adapted. We don’t want bull sharks in our lakes.

If we listen to a few fishermen and scientists who want to turn back the clock, we may be in more trouble. The warming oceans are breeding viruses and germs, some of which are affecting ocean life. Some of that life is starting to migrate north.

We need to look at our dams not as an enemy but as a barrier from the invasion. With all our resources, we could be energy independent.

We should also have a law that any power created in Maine meets our needs first before it goes on the grid. We should be careful not to over-embrace solar power because a scientist (I can’t remember who) said global warming will create more cloudiness.

Let’s not have money be the driving force on the project, but common sense.

Patricia Bernard, Lewiston

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