In U.S. Rep. Jared Golden’s TV ad he is at a table ripping apart a small lobster, bragging about fighting against President Biden’s out-of-touch policies.

If he thinks this makes him look like a hero of the people, it only proves how out of touch he is with Maine people. I am happy that he can afford to have lobster while the people who pay his salary worry about putting food on their tables this winter when heating oil is $10 a gallon and electric cost is skyrocketing.

We wait for hamburger to go on sale so we can buy extra to freeze for the winter. Our elderly hope they can afford their medications, heat and something to eat while Jared is eating lobster. This shows how out of touch he is with real people in Maine.

This country is on the wrong path, and we need a change. Golden must go.

Glenn Chateauvert, Greene

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