The brief excerpts on the NBC Today show, taken from President Biden’s speech the evening of Sept. 1, was enough for me.

The anger, the raised fist and rants about attacks on democracy was over the top, not to mention the red backdrop more mindful of a speech from the Kremlin.

No administration prior to Obama/Biden had put such division among people, and it’s worse now. President Obama promised to unite, as did Biden. Trump’s rise was nothing more than a knee-jerk reaction from the country that something was not right. It was his message, rather than the man.

Have we really drunk enough Kool-Aid since 2020 to think we’re climbing out of a hole?

This president left a void which filled in within days and billions of dollars in military equipment in Afghanistan, took credit for a vaccine program which started under Trump, bloated the national debt to “protect” paychecks, recently bought millions of votes from students and their parents, and now basically claims that if you aren’t blue, you are an enemy of the state.

It’s sad that most know the ship is sinking, but seem to be complacent and party on like the dancers in the Titanic ballroom.

I’m praying that there are some potential Ronald Reagans and Jack Kennedys out there for 2024, instead of the same old retreads.

Jerry Hume, Turner

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