Good Golly Galoshes
The other night I was slipping and sliding all over the place during my evening prowl because it had been — this will stun you — raining all day, and I found myself thinking about the word “galoshes” and wondering if it was a real thing or just some made-up word that scoundrels use when making fun of old people. So I went and ran a search on Amazon and waddaya know? You can buy galoshes in all sorts of different shapes and styles. So, now I’m sitting here at 3 in the morning thinking that I’d be a danged fool if I don’t pull the trigger this very minute and buy that $30 pair of rain shoes simply because it has “galoshes” in the name. I tell you, I get really weird in the wee hours and sometimes it gets expensive. Next I’m going to look up “gum rubbers” and see if it’s a thing.

Gum rubbers
Nope. That’s just a dental product. I got no use for that stuff. I’m going to go see if “britches” are still a thing and spend some more money!

Hurricane Lee
By the time you read this, I reckon the storm will be mostly blown past us, but here’s a recommendation for you weather people. If you want to minimize the damage caused by a storm of this nature, maybe don’t name it after the best martial artist in the world, huh? I mean, what’s heading our way next? Hurricane Walker: Texas Ranger? Think, weather people. Think!

Maine in possession of $309 million in unclaimed cash
Say, if you find a giant stack of cash in there wrapped in yellow bands, that one is mine. Or possibly they were red bands, it’s hard to say, I was pretty drunk when I last visited that safe deposit box. If you find loot with either yellow or red bands, those are mine. In legal terms: please gimme.

Here we go again
Now I’m thinking of the word ‘dungarees’ and wondering why nobody ever uses it anymore. By gory, if I can find some denim pantaloons that are actually called ‘dungarees,” I’m buying them. I don’t even care what size they are, I simply must have them.

Lewiston man is top ax thrower in Maine
This is impressive and I hope the guy goes as far as he can with this talent. At the same time, all I can think about is the near limitless number of great bar pickup lines this cat could craft out of this distinction. I’d give you a few examples, but all of mine have turned filthy, if you can believe it.

Lewiston bank robber back behind bars
Legend has it that the Sun Journal ran out of Bs while writing this story. If the culprit’s name had been Bobby Babbit, we’d have Been Behind the 8-Ball.

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