My baby has a rare genetic condition that affects only one in 32,000 people. Only two hospitals in the entire United States research it.

Before telehealth became available because of COVID-19, he spent 80% of his life admitted to hospitals or traveling to distant appointments. Travel cancelled because of extreme weather had severe consequences for my son.

Now, with telehealth, we can go to the local hospital for labs and imaging and the results are sent to the specialist. The specialist is then able to diagnose and discuss concerns via Zoom. We need this. We need faster answers and a decent quality of life for our son who already has to fight harder.

I ask you to vote for Laurel Libby, who “would like to see the health care industry be more about ‘care’ and less about ‘industry,'” and is focused on implementing telehealth permanently.

I will vote for Laurel Libby Nov. 3.

Katie Kephart, Auburn

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