The danger we live with

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Gun lobby money

Chin believes in education

King LePage strikes again

The people have spoken

Bouchard can reshape Lewiston

GOP tax plan hurts everyone

Use antibiotics properly

Voters were not fooled


Politics has become a cult for many Protestants

When Jim Zeigler, the state auditor of Alabama, invoked the Bible to defend Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore against allegations that he had inappropriate...

Iranian threats may spur Saudi-Israeli alliance

The Iranian-sponsored November 4 ballistic missile attack on Saudi Arabia's capital, Riyadh, continues to roil the Middle East — and it should. Recently I wrote...

Republican tax plan an intergenerational rip-off

It is a strange time to be considering a major tax cut. The economy is healthy and in no need of fiscal stimulus. The national...

End for mortgage interest tax deduction?

WASHINGTON — If you want to understand why the tax code is so hard to overhaul, consider the case of the mortgage interest deduction....

There is no Trumpism without Trump

Ed Gillespie went from potential vindicator of Trumpism to "cuckservative" in the space of a couple of hours. The Virginia Republican, campaigning in a treacherous...

Moving forward together as Lewiston and Auburn

We had hoped that headline would feature a hyphen instead of the conjunction “and” — a marker of Tuesday’s election results that determined Lewiston...

Strongmen have a new playbook for consolidating power

NEW YORK — The news out of Saudi Arabia has been startling. A country famous for its stability to the point of stagnation is...

Domestic violence linked to shootings

In the wake of prevalent mass shootings in this country, we all too often hear sentiments that suggest that now is not the time...

Military must help to deny guns to domestic abusers

The following editorial appears on Bloomberg View: America's extraordinary gun violence is enabled by a lack of both laws and responsibility. In a small but...

Where have all the ratifiers gone?

When the professor said the middle class comprised 90 percent of Americans, I told myself — I was too shy to challenge a professor...
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