I appreciated reading the candidate review for Maine House District 64, representing Auburn and Minot. I have been pleased with the representation of Bettyann Sheats.

I was particularly impressed with Ms. Sheats’ specific answers to the questions, especially when she specified vital areas of the state budget. By contrast, I read that candidate Laurel Libby is seeking to distinguish between “needs and wants” in the state budget. I recognized this language from Ms. Libby’s campaign literature. Unfortunately, if elected, Ms. Libby would be making the determinations about her constituents’ “needs and wants.”

I prefer the respect for her community that Bettyann Sheats has demonstrated through her actions and words. I will be voting for Bettyann Sheats on Nov. 3; she has honorably served her country and will continue to honorably represent District 64 as its representative in Augusta.

Jack Carney, Auburn

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